Corporate Officers

Chris Brubaker – President 1997

Clif Magowan – Vice President of Operations and Sales 1999

Pierce Crockett – Vice President of Accounting and Administration 2017

Bill Noe – Director of Operations 2001

Company Management Team 2024


Corporate Headquarters – Memphis

Brent Riggins Senior Sales 2001

Mike Smith Operations 2001

Lois Burk Accounting Manager

Amber Krull HR Manager

Foster Hedden Sales

Josh Boyle Project Manager

Allen Stallings Systems Coordinator 2003

Tanner Magowan Sales

Walter Huffman Project Manager

Landrum Pyron Communications Manager 2003

Betty Murley Administration 2007

Dallas, TX

Biff Thornton Sales 2015

John Dubose Operations Manager

Ali Rogers Sales

Keith Clowers Project Manager

Crystal O’Daniel Office Manager

Joe Gazzaway Project Manager 2016

Zach Atchison Security PM

Scott Sales Project Manager

Paul Stinson Sales

Rogers, AR

James Netherton Operations

Mike Hiniker Sales

Joe Farris Sales

Rachael Netherton Office Manager

Tracy Spencer RMR Manager

Little Rock, AR

Rodney Jackson Sales 2016

Rick Johnson Operations Manager 2015

Brian Krause Project Manager 2015

Tim Lytle Service Coordinator 2016

Joe Douglas Project Manager 2019

Crystal Smith Office Manager 2017

Camila Sims Service Coordinator 2022

Chris Glasgow Project Manager 2016

Rachel Bowzer Service Coordinator 2022

Building Management Systems

Crissy Kink Operations Manager

Brent Riggins Sales 2001

Jim Rumsey Project Manager 2014

Gene Kink Superintendent

Jim Lawson Project Manager

Wayne Lewis Superintendent

John Hensen Superintendent

Alfonso Soles Superintendent

Mississippi Sales Office

Bill Noe Operations Director 2001

Tanner Magowan Sales

Foster Hedden Sales

Oklahoma Sales Office

James Netherton Operations

Joe Farris Sales

Rachael Netherton Office Manager

Fire Code Compliance and Alarm Monitoring

Donna Patton Division Manager

Tracy Spencer Operations Manager

Hadleigh McCluskey Sales

Becky Noe Billing Analyst

Brent Patton Sales